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MANUAL METHOD | Follow these simple instructions

1. Unpack unit. The components included are: funnel, hose and bucket with lid.

2. Remove caps. Attach drain tube and insert funnel.
3. Fill unit with water to activate filter. Pour in used fixer.

4. Allow treated solution to drain into sink or other receptacle.

HOW IT WORKS | Spent fixer collection system

The spent fixer chemicals enter the Fixer Treatment Unit either by being poured through the funnel into the top inlet (manual method); or by flowing through the top inlet of the Fixer Unit when connected directly to a processor, in-line method, as shown below.

At this point a simple chemical exchange occurs. The ions contained in the steel wool filter inside the Fixer Treatment System are exchanged for the silver ions in the spent fixer.

The silver collects in the Fixer Treatment Unit as a precipitate and eventually is recycled. After the hazardous silver is collected the liquid can safely go down the drain.

TYPICAL IN-LINE INSTALLATION | Fixer Treatment Systems gives you EPA compliance









Spent fixer going down the drain. This is against EPA regulations. This dentist is not in EPA compliance.

Spent fixer going through our Fixer Treatment Unit and then down the drain. This dentist is in compliance with the EPA.


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